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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Dialogue Community

Insight Dialogue Retreat

2014-11-01 (8 days) Insight Dialogue Community (Barre Center for Buddhist Studies)

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2014-11-06 Factors of Awakening 49:44
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on the first four factors of awakening: Sati, investigation, energy, joy,
2014-11-06 Asava 33:23
Gregory Kramer
Pleasure, becoming, ignorance tripod
2014-11-06 Noticing the flood, then what? 16:57
Gregory Kramer
Q and A Why we don�t just get free/eightfold path
2014-11-06 Asava: Tripod of sensuality, becoming and ignorance 22:20
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on Asava: ignorance; sensuality; checking practice; becoming
2014-11-07 The Factors of Awakening 40:54
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on the Factors of Awakening: Sati, Dhamma Vijaya, Viriya together; Piti
2014-11-07 Diminishing of the floods 23:42
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on diminishing asava: sensory lust; becoming; ignorance
2014-11-08 Wisdom 31:21
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on 1.Wisdom [big space accidentally recorded 10:54 to 23:50�edit out] 2. Right View
2014-11-08 Right intention 27:52
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on Intention: 1. Overarching 2. Episodic; 3. Momentary
2014-11-08 Action stems from the mind 3:40
Gregory Kramer
actions comes from intention
2014-11-08 Manifested action: Generosity 27:08
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on 1. Giving; 2. Dhamma Dana; 3. Sila; 4. R. Speech; 5. R. Action & Livelihood as non-harm
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