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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Dialogue Community

Insight Dialogue Retreat

2015-03-14 (-2 day) Insight Dialogue Community (Bella Rakha Retreat Centre)

2015-03-11 The Carrot and the Stick 22:03
Gregory Kramer
Introduction to Insight Dialogue
2015-03-14 Introduction into Listen Deeply & Speak the Truth 17:15
Gregory Kramer
2015-03-18 Mindfulness of the breathing body 44:30
Gregory Kramer
Anapanasati 1. In silence, guided: Int, Ext, Both; 2. Internal�A-B-AB; 3. External--A-B-AB; 4, Int + Ext�B-A-AB; 5. Open awareness; 6. How was practice
2015-03-19 The Prototype Turning 37:00
Gregory Kramer
Turning point on the path, seeing patterns with clarity
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