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Retreat Dharma Talks at Insight Dialogue Community

Insight Dialogue Retreat

2015-02-05 (5 days) Insight Dialogue Community (St Joseph's Spirituality and Education Centre)

2015-02-05 Language and the Tangle 43:54
Gregory Kramer
Right Speech; Speak the Truth and Listen Deeply
2015-02-06 Are you committed to release from the floods 7:09
Gregory Kramer
2015-02-08 Tripod of suffering and the role of ignorance 14:58
Gregory Kramer
2015-02-08 Wisdom and Energy 22:37
Gregory Kramer
2015-02-09 How will I polish wisdom 5:01
Gregory Kramer
investigating the quality of wisdom and how to practice on internalizing the Dhamma
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