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Dosa and Adosa (Aversion and Non-Aversion) Practice Recording
2018-12-01 Dosa and Adosa (Aversion and Non-Aversion) Practice Recording 2:15:41
Gregory Kramer
The Buddha was interested in understanding the human experience; he was not trying to establish a religion. He wondered why there was human suffering? And he is inviting us into this same inquiry. This recording is a series of talks from various retreats by Gregory Kramer on dosa and adosa stitched together by Insight Dialogue Community member, Kathy Beck-Coon. She wrote up guidance on how this recording can be used for Insight Dialogue practice and to support practice groups. In addition, Insight Dialogue member, Anne Symington, wrote up a summary of the teachings and a timestamp summary of the audio.
Insight Dialogue Community
Attached Files:
  • Insight Dialogue dosa_adosa practice recording guidance (PDF)

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