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Dharma Talks Access for Retreatants at Insight Dialogue Community

Insight Dialogue Retreat

2014-11-01 (8 days) Insight Dialogue Community (Barre Center for Buddhist Studies)

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2014-11-01 Guideline: Pause 46:13
Gregory Kramer
guided sati -> Pause/this body �I�/Body Parts/How is practice
2014-11-01 Guideline: Relax 17:52
Gregory Kramer
How we meet the moment. Tranquility of body, tranquility of mind
2014-11-01 Relax: Exploration of Relational difficuulty 20:45
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on stress in a human system�taking turns, with reflection (Ab-Ba-AB); qualities to bring non-decline
2014-11-02 Guideline: Open 42:04
Gregory Kramer
Where is sati/where is object/Internal-external-both/Saddha-faith-viriya [specifically for viriya, or viriya and faith]
2014-11-02 Recognizing the Hindrances as they arise 24:07
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation with Pause and Relax. Why we don�t know and see things as they actually are? 1. We want out/2. Too busy/3. Mind won�t settle/Pause, Relax, Open now
2014-11-03 Guideline: Trust Emergence 19:36
Gregory Kramer
Trust Emergence�Anicca now A/B/AB; cessation of worldly things; of relationships
2014-11-03 Guideline: Speak the Truth - Listen Deeply 35:59
Gregory Kramer
bringing speaking and listening to the boundary between the wordless and the words
2014-11-04 Factors of Awakening: Tranquility and Concentration 9:04
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on tranquility and Concentration
2014-11-04 Refuge 7:52
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on refuge (1 of 2)
2014-11-05 Refuge 33:21
Gregory Kramer
Contemplation on refuge (2 of 2)
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